All materials and consumables purchased with us will have all the support and support that the customer needs.

If you do not find on our website the material you are looking for, please contact us and we will find the ideal solution as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a 3D printing machine of a brand that you do not market, do you support me anyway?

Yes, we can support the customer regardless of the brand of the printer, always trying to solve the issue in the best way.

If I buy the Materials and Consumables from you, will I receive support from AMCubed?

Yes, if you buy the materials and/or consumables with us, we give you all kinds of support you may need. From choosing the best materials for the intended end result to the correct use of them and any extra information you may need, such as situations that may occur throughout installation and use.

I want to buy a machine of your representation, what support can I get?

If you buy us a machine from the ones we represent, we will receive it, assemble it, fine-use it, test it and then you will go to its fully functional facilities. With delivery we will teach you how to operate and the best printing parameters based on our knowledge. If you do not want this support and want to receive it and assemble it yourself, you must communicate with us at the beginning of the negotiation.

Are the software, whose links are available on your website, free of charge?

No, not all will be free. We have made available a set of links that we know and that we can indicate which one is best for the user and for the desired result.

Do they support the software that is on the site?

Yes, they are software that we know and we can support the use of them, at a cost. Just contact us and ask for that help.