Quality Policy

AMCubed is a company specialized in the creation, development and commercialization of 3D printers and mechanical and electronic systems, committed to the assurance and continuous improvement of the organization’s effectiveness, aiming essentially at:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • To seek the most appropriate practices to ensure the highest quality in the products produced and marketed;
  • That the analogy of the products, be the result of planned actions of prevention, correction and continuous improvement throughout its production process;
  • That the conformity and safety of its products and services, is the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement throughout its production process;
  • Ensure the motivation of all employees by investing in their training;
  • Effectively manage and optimize the Management System in order to ensure viability and economic success;
  • Promote, improve and innovate continuously the products and services.



A supplier evaluation is conducted annually, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Product/service quality;
  • Price;
  • Payment terms;
  • Ability to deliver on time;
  • Capacity to solve unforeseen problems (when applicable).

The scale is from 1 to 3, and from 1.5 you are automatically approved.