AMCubed is a young company that bets on the development of advanced manufacturing systems, represents several quality brands and already with a lot of recognition in 3D printing.

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Founded on March 29, 2012, AMCubed (Advanced Manufacturing Cubed) has as main objective the development of advanced manufacturing systems. It has so far developed several additive manufacturing systems (known to all as 3D printing), subtractive manufacturing systems and hybrid systems, taking advantage of each other’s advantages.

Its founders, Mechanical Engineering and Electrotechnical Engineering, present extensive industrial experience in the fields of design, simulation, production and assembly of computercontrolled systems.

The company has strong links with national and international research centers, namely the Center for Rapid and Sustained Product Development of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, thus allowing a continuous technological prospecting and updating.

With some products already developed, the company is currently betting on production at scale with continuous development of innovative advanced manufacturing solutions for the application to the domestic, office, industrial, laboratory (research) and medical markets.

The company is headquartered in Leiria and has the Engineering Center in Marinha Grande that meets the design, development and manufacturing conditions essential for the launch of new products and manufacturing systems.




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